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What Is The Sand Surface Treatment Of Aluminum?
- Mar 13, 2017 -

In order to make aluminum can be very good use in life, we often need to sand on the aluminum plate disposal, sand surface treatment of several ways, then take the Shanghai aluminum for everyone to introduce one by one.

1. sandblasting method: with ore or river sand.

2. Brush sand method: round copper wire brush rolling, the following conveyor belt on the side of the aluminum side of the side to walk around to get sand surface.

3. Scrub method: with offset printing down the same mill grinding machine, just to continue to wash the water, you can get a good glossy sand surface effect.

4. Chemical sand surface treatment: a monopoly of the chemical sand surface treatment agent, through chemical treatment, the role of sand on the aluminum plate, the demand for thin and fine aluminum crystal.

Aluminum sand surface treatment statement looks simple, but to be able to do intact, so that the disposal of fast and good, then the need to further improve their skills from the ability.

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