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Three Great Trick To Solve The Aluminum Plate Oxide Film Uneven Color
- Mar 13, 2017 -

(1) aluminum plate workpiece area is too large, the operation of the tank swing too much, the edge and the central part of the contact with the solution, update, exchange has too much difference, resulting in inconsistent oxide film color. Prevention method: aluminum plate oxidation when the amplitude of the workpiece swing is small, static treatment can be, but when the solution temperature is too low prone to map-like pattern, it is not natural.

(2) package aluminum processing part of the aluminum layer was destroyed, was cut off, the outer package of aluminum is high quality aluminum, the inner layer of the package is miscellaneous aluminum, two kinds of aluminum difference, so after the oxidation of "vitiligo "Like the spots. This phenomenon is often not too much understanding of customers, manufacturers should do more to explain the work, that the original, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

(3) aluminum plate oxidation process operation problems

① workpiece etching treatment is not complete, local raw oxide film, dirt can not be removed;

② alkaline etching is not immediately after the light treatment, the workpiece surface is still alkaline;

③ the workpiece in the transmission process of contact with foreign body.