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The Advantages Of Breathing Curtain Wall
- Mar 13, 2017 -

In principle, the use of "chimney effect" and "greenhouse effect" principle of breathing curtain wall is to solve the energy saving problem from the function of the curtain wall. The single-layer curtain wall is only selected from the material, through the characteristics of the material itself to achieve a certain Energy saving effect.

From the environmental protection, the breathing curtain wall because of its function to solve energy saving, the outer glass selection of colorless transparent glass or low reflective glass, can minimize the adverse effects of glass reflection ("light pollution"); single glass curtain wall to ensure Indoor and outdoor effects and energy-saving considerations, the glass is generally selected with a certain reflective function of the coated glass.

From the energy-saving, breathing curtain wall due to the role of the ventilation layer, than the single-wall curtain wall about 50% energy saving is to solve a new direction of building energy efficiency.

From the use of the appearance of the ventilation layer, so that the respiratory curtain wall in summer to save the cost of cooling, winter can save heating costs. At the same time shade blinds placed in the ventilation layer, can effectively prevent the sun does not affect the effect of elevation.

From the comfort side, the breathable curtain wall noise performance can reach 55dB, so that indoor life and work people have a quiet environment; the other hand, regardless of the weather is good or bad, do not open the window ventilation can be directly to the natural air Spread to the room, to provide fresh air for the room, thereby enhancing the indoor comfort. And effectively reduce the shortcomings of high-rise buildings rely solely on the ventilation caused by mechanical ventilation.