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Pplication Of High Pressure Water Cleaning In Aluminum Plate
- Mar 13, 2017 -

High-pressure water jet jet distance High-pressure water jet is a dense stream of direct injection and produce a huge impact force, dense jet and direct injection are both indispensable. The jet stream is arranged symmetrically with the nozzle centerline, but divergent distribution, which is generally divided into three sections. The original section, length L, said that this jet is characterized by a constant dynamic pressure in the axial direction, the dynamic pressure at the tip of the jet and the dynamic pressure at the nozzle outlet are the same. Another feature is very dense texture, the quality of the child is not mixed with the air, so the section of the strongest hit, mainly used for cleaning hard scaling, the basic section, the length of the Lz said that this jet is characterized by air Began to mix with the water jet, forming a hole and eddy current, so the section of the combat force is moderate, suitable for a variety of equipment and materials cleaning. It should be noted that with the extension of the distance, effective combat force is gradually declining. Divergence section, said length of L3, this jet is characterized by air and water jet completely mixed, the jet completely atomized, the impact of pressure and jet speed are significantly reduced, technically this jet has no application value. For water jet cleaning applications, the key lies in the choice of pressure and flow and match. But in the jet of different jetting distance and the diffusion angle, the direct role of the pressure and flow is different, and by the nozzle structure of the performance difference, even in the same outlet pressure and flow conditions, the dynamic pressure in the distribution of the amount Also has a big difference. It can be seen that the selection of nozzles is a key link that can not be ignored. In addition, the jet cross-sectional shape and flow distribution is also an important factor affecting the cleaning effect.