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Aluminum Sheet 5052 Good Corrosion Resistance
- Sep 13, 2017 -

5052 Aluminum Plate is MG series alloy aluminum plate, is the most widely used antirust aluminum, the strength of this alloy is high, in particular, it has the anti-fatigue strength: plastic and corrosion resistance is high, not heat treatment hardening, in the half cold hardening when the plastic is good, cold hardening when the plastic is low, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, can not cut performance, can be polished.

5052 aluminum plate belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate, the use of a wide range, especially the construction industry inseparable from the alloy aluminum plate, is also the most promising aluminum plate. 5052 the main alloying elements of aluminum strip are magnesium, with good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold processability and medium strength.

5052 aluminum plate is often used in the manufacture of aircraft and automotive fuel tanks, tubing, as well as traffic vehicles, ships, sheet metal parts, instrumentation, street lamp bracket and rivets, metal products, electrical enclosures and so on.


1,the surface is not allowed to have cracks, corrosion spots and nitrate traces.

2,on the surface allows the depth of the defect is not more than the nominal size of the wall thickness of 8% of the skin, bubble, surface roughness and local mechanical damage, but the maximum depth of the defect can not exceed 0.5mm, the total area of defects is not more than 5% of the total area of the plate.

3,allow the supplier to light the longitudinal profile to smooth surface.

4,other requirements: the demand side and supplier to develop their own.

Series and 1060 aluminum Plate series of Difference edition

Hardness: 1060 Aluminum plate tensile strength of 110-130, while 5052 series of tensile strength reached 210-230 that is 5052 hardness must 1060 of the answer high 100%.

Elongation rate: 1060 series elongation is 5%, and 5052 series elongation reached between $number, it can also be said that in 5052 series than 1060 hard 100% case, the elongation rate of about 200%.

Chemical properties: 1060 is pure aluminum plate, 5052 is alloy aluminum plate, in special environment 5052 corrosion resistance is better.