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Aluminum Plate Surface Drawing Process
- Mar 13, 2017 -

Drawing processing is to do after the stamping, drawing can be based on decorative needs, made of ruled, chaos pattern, thread, ripple and spin and so on several.

Straight wire drawing refers to the aluminum plate surface with mechanical friction method to produce a straight line. It has the dual effect of brushing the surface of the aluminum plate and the surface of the decorative aluminum plate. Straight wire drawing with continuous wire and intermittent silk pattern two. Continuous wire pattern can be obtained by continuous horizontal friction (such as manual grinding or sandwiching the wire brush on the aluminum plate with a shredder) with a scourge or stainless steel brush. Change the diameter of stainless steel brush wire, you can get different thickness of the lines. Intermittent silk pattern is generally in the brush machine or rubbing machine processing system. Preparation of the principle: the use of two sets of the same rotation of the differential wheel, the group for the rapid rotation of the roller, the next group for the slow rotation of the roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate from the two sets of rollers through, Delicate intermittent ridge.

Ranling drawing is in the high-speed operation of the copper brush, so that the aluminum plate before and after the move friction obtained by a random, no obvious lines of matt silk pattern. This kind of processing, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate surface requirements are higher.

The corrugations are usually made on a brush machine or a rubbing machine. The use of the upper group of roller axial movement, in the aluminum or aluminum plate surface grinding, draw wave pattern.