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8011 Bottles Of Capping Materials Application
- Nov 12, 2018 -

We can see 8011 bottles of capping materials everywhere, such as: medicinal oral liquid, liquor cap, beverage cap, milk powder cap, tea cap, etc., 8011 bottles of capping materials can be manufactured mechanically, on a large scale, pollution-free, recyclable and other advantages, widely used in life. 8011 the bottle cap material is divided into cast rolling and hot rolling, according to the state to meet the needs of different industries.

8011 the state of H18 bottle cap material is mainly applied to stamping shallow cover, and cast rolling can be used. Its process: cold rolling - foil rolling - stretch bending straightening - slitting - packaging and other processes, do not need annealing treatment, so in the production process, the time cycle is relatively short, of course, the price is cheaper.

8011 H16 bottle cap material is an important part of hot rolled aluminum anti-theft cover material. Execute GB/T3880 standard. Thickness range: 0.15-0.27 mm, thickness tolerance (+0.005 mm), width within 330-1000 mm, width tolerance (+1 mm), tensile strength 150-165 Mpa, elongation > 2%, fine plate surface, no obvious roll lines, no obvious black lines, oil spots, ash, scratches, bright strips and other defects, the ear-making rate is controlled within 3%. The process of 8011 H16 bottle capping material must pass cold rolling-foil. Rolling annealing thickness - annealing - foil rolling finished products - stretch bending rectification - slitting and other processes are completed. After the finished coil is produced, it will go through several processes such as leveling machine shearing, painting, drying, stamping, anti-counterfeiting labeling, etc. to produce qualified bottle capping materials. 8011 H16 medical bottle cap material and wine cap material are slightly different in the production process. Because the requirement of wine cap stretching is higher than that of medicine cap.

With the rapid development of society, the consumption of beverages, liquor, red wine, tea and milk powder is increasing. As an important packaging material, 8011 aluminium bottle cap material has good sealing performance, easy to open, anti-counterfeiting, beautiful appearance and so on.